Flash Fundamentals

Welcome to Flash Fundamentals.  Below you will find links to videos and presentations covering many of the key processes that occur here at Middle School East on a daily basis.

Flash Fundamentals – Dare to be Different

Flash Fundamentals – Opening Your Locker

***Lockers – Decorating lockers is a big deal for a lot of our students, especially our new 6th graders. When buying organizational and decorative materials please purchase things that magnetically attach to the lockers.  Mirrors that stick to the locker, contact paper, and tape should not be used inside or outside of the locker.  From time to time we will adhere things to the outside of the locker using painters tape.  For organizational shelves, our lockers measure 11”x11” on the inside.  Shelves that are too large will jam and possibly damage the lockers.

Flash Fundamentals  – Car Rider

***Car rider – drop off and pick up is on the West side of the building.  Enter Middle School East from the main entrance and proceed to Doors 5 & 7.  Please do not drop off or pick up at Door 1.  Students may enter the building at 6:50AM and head to the cafeteria at that time.  Anyone dropped off before 6:50AM can wait in the vestibules at Door 5 & Door 7.  Please drive slowly and patiently to ensure the safety of our students.