School Counseling

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2023-2024 Counselor Assignments
Ms. Patterson: 8th, Last names A-L
Mr. Josh Recker: 8th, Last names M-Z
Mr. Belt: 7th, Last names A-L
Ms. Nugent: 7th, Last names M-Z

Mr. Daniel Weimer 
Director of School Counseling

Ms. Larissa Patterson 
School Counselor, 8th grade, Last Names A-L

Mr. Benjamin Belt 
School Counselor, 7th grade, Last Names A-L
Ms. Virginia “Ginny” Nugent
School Counselor, 7th grade, Last Names M-Z

Mission Statement

The mission of the Franklin Central Junior High School counseling department is to provide equitable access to all students within a safe, nurturing environment through academic support, social-emotional development, and college and career preparedness.  Franklin Central Junior High school counselors will run data-driven student activities such as individual and small-group counseling and school counseling curriculum lessons. 

The school counselors at Franklin Central Junior High advocate for equity, access, and student success by identifying and addressing barriers with all stakeholders. In everyday practice, the school counseling department models integrity, abiding by the American School Counselor Association’s ethical standards. We strive to create a safe learning environment for all students, helping them become independent thinkers, confident advocates, and responsible citizens. 

Vision Statement

The school counselors at Franklin Central Junior High believe that all Franklin Central Junior High students deserve a safe, nurturing environment with access to resources that will help move them forward to become lifelong learners and successful world-class citizens. We believe that all students deserve an opportunity to further their education and the guidance to learn self-accountability. We believe that all students deserve a positive and encouraging home life, including caretakers that are present and engaged. All students deserve a high quality instruction that is equitable and culturally aware. We believe that all students deserve to have an adult in their lives who is empathetic and fair, regardless of personal struggles and background. 

Through participating in the Franklin Central Junior High comprehensive counseling program, our students master the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their postsecondary goals, nurture relationships, and solidify their sense of self-worth while successfully navigating the many complexities of our evolving society.